Proper’s Autumn Nectarine Delights



Proper’s Autumn Nectarine Delights

Proper’s Autumn Nectarine Delights is listed as the top food that provides euphoria. This is a great enjoyment for date night, as well as a general mood booster and a pain reliever at any time. When Proper’s committee rated the nectarine flavors, the data was collected through the app, and then everything was reported on their website.
Cannabinoid: 5mg THC

  • Allergen: Coconut
  • Flavor: berry, fruity, sweet
  • Shelf life: best within the first year of production
  • Diet label: gluten-free, all-natural, non-GMO, and vegetarian

Package content or quantity: 20 capsules, a total of 100 mg THC

Service: 1 joy is enough.

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Berries, fruity, sweet


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