Durban Poison


Order Durban Poison medical cannabis strains online. This hundred percent sativa strain is native to Durban in South Africa. It is famous all over the world for its sweet smell and vibrant and uplifting effects. It increases one’s concentration and brings about an undeniable “get shit done” attitude.

Flavors: citrus, herb, pine, sweet, earthy, pine, spicy, spicy, sweet
Type: Sativa 100%
Composition: THC: 24%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

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Durban Poison cannabis is a very powerful and effective strain, very suitable for use in the morning or during the day. The first African strain, this plant is good for high temperatures inside or outside. It is often developed as a hydroponic crop in California. This is a nice flower bud, a treat like a smell, and it rises quickly. How to order weed online and where to buy Durban poison marijuana
It makes you clear-headed, boosts energy, boosts mood, and puts a smile on your face. Durban Poison cannabis can last up to three hours.
The plant itself is medium in height and can grow up to 150 cm. It blooms for about two months, usually in September or early October when it grows outdoors. It is usually one of the cheaper varieties available in pharmacies and is usually recommended for those with milder illnesses who do not need awesome smoke or high THC levels.

Buy Durban Poison medical and recreational cannabis strains online. This pure Sativa is native to the port city of Durban in South Africa. It is world-famous for its sweet smell and vibrant and uplifting effects.
Durban Poison is a wise choice because it consistently has excellent THC levels and terpene content. What makes this hemp flower unique is the herbal spiced lemon scent, which is exciting. The Durban poison strain is easily identified by its thick round buds and thick trichomes

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