FTP Uncut CBD Cartridge


CBD (Uncut) For the People 500mg 30% Vape Cartridge with Terpenes is the ultimate CBD cartridge for those who want high potency and all the compounds that a cannabis plant must provide. This universal vape cartridge contains undiluted e-liquid, which means it does not contain VG, PG, MCT oil and other additives. The result is a more concentrated product that is very effective. It has a variety of terpene strains to choose from, so you can choose a strain that is more suitable for your unique cannabis-related preferences and goals.

Battery Included


Uncut CBD vape cartridge

Uncut CBD vape cartridge and CBD Vape cartridges are available in various strengths, pressures, and sizes to meet your needs! Many people want to know the difference between CBD wax cylinder and CBD vape juice. Vape juice or e-liquid is usually made from propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin. From there, it can be injected with CBD or other substances. vape cartridges can use e-cigarettes immediately without preheating, but they are generally less effective and often contain unnatural or organic ingredients. On the other hand, uncut cartridges only contain CBD concentrate, which is a waxy oily substance directly derived from the hemp plant. There are no fillers, so you will get a very effective source of CBD! The consistency of the CBD

The FTP uncut CBD cartridge USA is the ultimate CBD Cartridge for the people who want high potency as it contains undiluted e-liquid, free from VG, PG, MCT oil and other additives. There is a variety of terpenes strains, and one can also choose from the strain which is most suitable for unique cannabis. There is a waxy, oily substance present in the CBD, which is directly derived from the hemp plant.


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