Mac and Cheese Strain


THC: The THC content of the cheese strain is between 15% and 21%, which makes it an effective strain. Beginners should avoid using it until they are more familiar with the strain and its effects.

Aroma: As the name suggests, it has a strong tacky, spicy smell. It’s more like cheddar cheese.

Flavor: According to reports, the cheese tastes and smells like sharp cheddar cheese.


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Developed in underground plantations in the UK, the original cheese variety first appeared in 420 scenes in the 1980s as a hybrid with Skunk #1 origin and adjusted through Aghani genetics. As you might expect when you order mac and cheese strain online, the cheese strain is characterized by an original, smelly dairy aroma. But as a reliable and effective parent strain, Cheese’s impact on the cannabis community is more than just exuding her stench.
Nowadays, the determinant of whether a strain can be regarded as a cheese strain is the existence of skunk genetics, but at thcflowerssupply, we also care about high-quality seeds and those very important effects. You also want to know how to buy cheese strain online in the US.

THC levels of 15-20% .

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