Kandypens Flacko Jodye Oil Tank



Kandypens Flacko Jodye Oil Tank

Kandypens Flacko Jodye Oil Tank Collection is a powerful retro fashion electronic cigarette pen, designed by rapper and fashion icon A$AP Rocky. The hand-made Flacko Jodye vape uses mahogany wood veneer and gold trim to combine the elegant appearance of Rolls-Royce with the stylish, hidden styling that KandyPens is known for. Under the hood, a variable voltage battery has four preset temperatures controlled by color-coded buttons. Users can easily switch between the included dual quartz coil, ceramic coilless atomizer, and glass fuel tank. The extremely limited-edition Kandypens Flacko Jodye Collection is packaged in a collector’s gift box and a brown leather suitcase with gold trim and looks as smooth as its performance.


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