Heavy Hitters 1g


Buy Heavy Hitters 1g online Original high-efficiency vape cartridges, Heavy Hitters have the most clicks and the most authentic taste. Heavy Hitters’ signature cold filtration purifies the oil beyond the standard distillation range, resulting in consistent, super-potent cannabis oil with the purest and most delicious experience. Real ceramic cartridges have a ceramic core and are coated with ceramics to ensure uniform heating to achieve a consistent hit and reduce the smell of burnt. With the Clean Cannabis Guarantee seal, Heavy Hitters proudly meets or exceeds all California cannabis excellence and safety standards.



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Buy Heavy Hitters 1g online Order 1 gram heavy blow magazine 1g Heavy Hitters is the original SoCal vape, which provides smokers with the best taste and the most pleasant height. With our proprietary terpene blends and our proprietary cannabinoid ingredients, our carts have real ceramic heating elements and cold filtered fractions that provide clean taste and potency. The Heavy Hitters 1g allows you to freely become an original creator every day. 

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