Day To Night Pre-Rolled Blunts Pack



Day To Night Pre-Rolled Blunts Pack

Aster Farms’ Day to Night Pack contains a variety of indica, hybrid, and sativa pre-rolls. There is a joint there almost on any occasion, so you can enjoy a powerful orgasm at any time of the day. Light up each one within the corresponding time frame for best results.

Each package contains one of the following:
Sour Lavender | Sativa Hybrid
Maui OG | Sativa Hybrid
Grape Ape | Indica Mix
White Buffalo | Sativa

Each preroll offers a different experience—sunrise, radiation, sunset, moonlight, and outer space—recommended for the time of day or desired effect. This product is very suitable as a party bag, personal bag, or for those who want to better understand their favorite strains.

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