Venice Cookie Company The 4.20 Brownie


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Venice Cookie Company The 4.20 Brownie
THC: 1000mg


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Buy Venice Cookie Company The 4.20 Brownie is a California-based company dedicated to creating a thriving cannabis industry that benefits everyone through innovation, education, and publicity. Recently, their 420 brownie cakes have become a hot topic in the industry. These chocolate cakes pack up to 1,000 mg of THC into a regular-sized brownie cake.

Although many consumers might think such a large dose was a crazy idea at first, they soon discovered that these chocolate cakes are very convenient to store in the refrigerator. In addition, because they get so many doses from a bar, they will eventually become a good deal for consumers on a budget.

In the world of weed food, pot brownies are the most comfortable food. It turns out that 420 Brownie is just that, rich in texture and creamy, suitable for cutting into proper portions without chipping. Considering a large number of doses, the ability to dispense them is particularly important.




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