Blue Cheese


The blueberry cheesecake is a cross between the popular Big Buddha cheese and the famous blueberry.

It is a hybrid mainly composed of sativa, and the Sativa/indica ratio is at least 70:30.

So, it’s no surprise that this kind of pressure produces mainly calm but euphoric, happy, and creative spiritual effects.

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Buy Blue Cheese Strain.

Buy Blue Cheese Strain is the perfect Indica variety for those who wish to relax after a long day of work. As a blend of blueberries and UK cheese, you can expect this heavyweight product to improve your mind while alleviating all your pain!
The average THC concentration of blue cheese is 21%, without any stress-its Indica properties will relax you while helping you cope with inflammation, pain, and stress.
What makes this strain most unique is the sweetness and creaminess of blueberries and the sour and spicy cheese. Blue Cheese is delicious and smooth, a classic for everyone!

Blue cheese has a round, compact swirl of flowers, forming a distinct purple hue near the end. The tight internodes of this plant make it very suitable for green growth in the ocean. Indoor plants in SOG mature within 8-10 weeks. She produces a large amount of main cola indoors or outdoors, and the output can be significantly increased through controlled side branches. In the past two weeks, this pressure ended around Halloween.

The greatest joy of Blue Cheese is its height. It becomes smooth when relaxed and remains very practical while creating an ecstatic feeling and openness to the foreground. This height opens the mind by relaxing the body. It is a comfortable and balanced atmosphere, you can take a walk or sit by the fire at home

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