Amnesia Strain (Haze)

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Being the 2012 Cannabis Cup champion, Amnesia Haze is the most effective hybrid strain that can replicate the effects of an indica thanks to its THC content of about 22%. It is the perfect cannabis flower for social occasions and is popular for its outstanding spicy floral fragrance.

Weeds that helps with anxiety.

It increases awareness and decreases anxiety, mood enhancer


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Amnesia Strain is a unique combination of Jamaican Landrace x Laotian Sativa x Afghan Hawaiian
It is a very potent Sativa strain with Amnesia¬† has the earthy flavors of lemon and citrus, and is the perfect variety to start your day with a smile. The uplifting, energetic buzzing sound is something you won’t forget soon. Its inheritance can be traced back to the local varieties of South Asia and Jamaica, and this cannabis cup champion (first place in 2004 and first place in the sativa Cup in 2012) has been popularized in coffee shops in Amsterdam.
THC levels ranging between 18-22% and very low CBD percentages of 0.2%
It is known for its Fruity Citrus, Earthy Pine, and Skunk aroma

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Appearance: Large to medium-sized buds, Leaves are bright green with amber-orange hairs and a thick coat of THC crystals.

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