Ultra Banana

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Strain Type: 70% INDICA
Consumption Time: NIGHT


Best Body Numbing Strain

Ultra Banana is the best body numbing strain also a dominant strain of indica strain, which is a cross between MK Ultra and Banana Kush and is most suitable for evening use. It has an earthy flavor and a faint banana fruit flavor and can be used as an effective sleep aid.

It also has sleep-inducing qualities, reduces stress and anxiety, diminishes insomnia, and reduces pain.

Ultra Banana is a dominant hybrid line of Indica rice, produced by crossing the infamous MK Ultra with the delicious Banana Kush line. Ultra Banana combines the crazy delicacy of its Banana Kush parents with the enhanced nighttime effects of MK Ultra, making it the perfect choice for any indica lover who likes to hit hard orgasms. The orgasm begins with an increase in happiness, making you giggle and ecstatic because of your outgoing social tendencies.

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30 grams, 65 grams, 1/2 pound, 1 pound

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